Comprehensive Environmental & Construction Solutions

Alien Enterprises, Inc., dba West Coast Environmental Consulting (WCEC) was founded in 2005 and operates out of locations in the Chula Vista, Carlsbad and Vista areas of San Diego. WCEC provides complete and comprehensive environmental remediation, habitat restoration, capital improvement, general engineering, facilities maintenance and emergency response services. We offer innovative and economical services and solutions, meeting or exceeding client expectations. We sincerely feel that the staff at WCEC can handle any logistical challenge that may come up during your project, any time of the day or night. WCEC strives to solve problems efficiently, economically, and to assure, above all else, client satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our clients with “comprehensive environmental and construction solutions”.

WCEC has formed a highly skilled professional team of former civil servants that works well together in both the field and office environments. WCEC can provide clients with services for many types of projects, from emergency responses in the middle of the night, to design/build construction projects, utility installation & repairs, concrete and asphalt surface improvements, range cleanup and construction projects, long term CERCLA Removal Actions and habitat restoration efforts, or even routine facilities maintenance. No matter the size of the project, WCEC provides the same focus on quality, timeliness, communication and cost effectiveness. The team’s broad base of environmental and civil engineering backgrounds enables WCEC to provide a wide spectrum of services to its clients.

WCEC consistently strives to establish long-lasting working relationships with clients, teaming partners, and sub-contractors, and maintains a high standard for both internal operations and transactions with clients, teaming partners, and sub-contractors. WCEC prides itself on understanding the client’s goals by thorough and consistent communication, enabling us to help clients achieve their goals in a professional, cost-effective, and timely manner.

WCEC has in-house capabilities to perform work to support our environmental and construction services, as well as alliances and partnerships with some of the foremost experts in the environmental, construction, natural resources, and health & safety fields. These alliances allow WCEC to deliver on all types of complex projects, large or small.

WCEC has no traditional employees, but rather it is owned and operated primarily by highly-trained former civil servants from the Navy Public Works Center in San Diego (PWCSD) Site Remediation Division, Transportation & Utilities Departments. All of the WCEC staff consists of Corporate Officers/Directors, resulting in an exceptional level of pride and commitment to excellence. Due to the military background, the WCEC staff has long-standing personal relationships with military clients, officers, inspectors and regulators throughout various military installations located in throughout the southwest.

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